Glass Watering Can
2018, 1 image(s)

It is not uncommon for other vessels to be used to water plants, yet the precise spout of a watering can makes it superior. The transparency of the Glass Watering Can material allows the user to see the waterline, allowing plants to be watered in a focused and precise manner. Photographs: Charlie Schuck

2018, 2 image(s)

An interlocking dustpan and brush scaled for a desktop.

2018, 4 image(s)

A bench with similar proportions to a radiator. The result is a framework to rest things on. By composing these two surfaces, the bench becomes a perch, a shelf, or a temporary workspace

Extension Cord Caddy
2018, 3 image(s)

The extension cord caddy supports the constant charging that electronic devices require. As it holds feet of electrical cord, the vertical tube offers a place to store a coat or blanket.

2018, 2 image(s)

A planter whose form can be attributed to a stacking of found objects. A food container. A roll of masking tape. A plastic pitcher. Informed by sculptures made of readymades. This project was an exercise in trying to define usefulness. Recreating the assemblage in clay allowed for it be used as a planter.

2018, 3 image(s)

A three legged chair that can be pushed and guided through a space. Entirely constructed of Ash. The back leg is a bent lamination that doubles as a handle.

Floor Light
2018, 3 image(s)

The floor light follows the planter project. They share the idea of trying to make an assemblage useful. Unlike the planter, the floor lamp is made up of various materials. The injection molded planter serves as a place for storage. The fluorescent tube is diffused by a grey piece of nylon. Which is fastened by a wooden block.